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Hi, that’s me working on a state of the art chemistry analyzer, ever since I was a young man I had a passion for learning, repairing, being a part of saving lives, and improving the quality of patient care during those difficult times of illnesses. 

Here at C.E.S. we are committed to providing the best quality care on all the equipment we work on. We don’t only want to come perform an electrical safety inspection and run out the door. We believe, that you as well as your patients deserve more.

We like to build a relationship and a team with you so that positive solutions arise for our clients as well as our organization.

This way, you can trust your equipment is being managed professionally so you don’t have to worry and you can concentrate on other more important things.

We look forward to becoming your biomedical equipment professional Service partner.


Victor H Price

C.E.S. Service Manager.

Why us?

We feel that each and every person in touch with your equipment deserves only the best.

We live and serve this local community and know that the next patient could be a family member of friend.

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